Prevent, protect and restore

The Défense NBC Economic Interest Group was set up in 1988 to bring together the prime French companies in the CBRNe business sector to offer their French and foreign clients the best defence against growing threats

The group has over time combined new skills to offer tailored solutions for evolving CBRN threats – whether from military aggression, terrorism or industrial accidents. Dealing with the varied nature of CBRN incidents alongside respect for the Environment are an abiding concern.

Our customers are the military, firefighters, security services, law enforcement   as well as medical staff, emergency services and civilian community organisations. A partner of the major military and state civilian services, Défense NBC presents through its members a complementary, coherent and exhaustive range of products in CBRN detection and identification, individual and collective protection, decontamination of personnel and the public, equipment and infrastructure protection, medical treatment and disposal of toxic products and hazardous materials.

International client base

Made up of innovative SMEs, ETIs and subsidiaries of leading Défense NBC Economic Interest Group groups in security and the environment, Défense NBC fully participates in planning government-led response for the security of our and foreign populations, their heritage and their territories.

As French CBRNe protection products are deployed worldwide by many countries’ armed forces and civil security organisations, Défense NBC’s member companies have developed an international client base. The consolidated turnover in the CBRNe domain alone represents more than 400 million euros, one-third of which is exported. Our companies employ more than 1,000 people in France for CBRNe activities alone.

Défense NBC offers its customers global solutions based on the French concept of CBRNe defence and protection through promoting the skill sets that help prevent, protect and restore. Our skills enable us to offer a wide range of products and services that cover all CBRNe defence and protection needs.

Research and innovation

Défense NBC industrialists work in close cooperation with the Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) and the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique (CEA) research laboratories. Based on the work and services of these state-run research establishments, French manufacturers are constantly developing new products to meet their customers’ most urgent requirements.

With their multiple skills, the experience of several decades, the French concepts of defence and protection, and their capacity for innovation – Défense NBC members offer their clients comprehensive CBRNe security to priority military, civil, and infrastructure assets.

Military and civil protection

While CBRN military defence remains paramount, industrial accidents and terrorist threats are of increasing concern. Securing major events, sensitive sites, entry border points and infrastructure involves our members in prevention and post-accident management. For these specific users, Défense NBC’s manufacturers provide advanced technologies in detection, identification and surveillance.

Global surveillance systems

 Deployment of networked systems and technologies operated in real time with a high level of automation
 Reliability of measurements and reduction of false alarms
 Open architecture allowing adaptation and modulation of sensors
 Simplified training using a man-machine interface common to all equipment
 Operation of mature devices connected to secure platforms, usable by simple tools such as smartphones and tablets
 Implementation of common algorithms and artificial intelligence reducing the uncertainties associated with the hazards of a non-integrated approach

Examples where such security and surveillance were provided were the London Olympic Games 2012 and the Rio Olympic Games 2016, with future provision planned for the Paris Olympic Games 2024. The industrial members of Défense NBC offer their military and civilian customers a full range of equipment and services to ensure their security. This includes everything from the initial alarm signalling a CBRNe threat to mitigation following an incident – while preserving and protecting the environment. Zy


BERTIN Technologies (CNIM)
CEGELEC Défense & Sécurité (VINCI)
Commissariat à l’énergie atomique (CEA)
HOWA Tramico (HOWA)
JACOBI Carbons – PICA (Osaka Gas Chemicals)
Laboratoire CEVIDRA
Laboratoires SERB
MIRION Technologies (MIRION)
PAUL BOYÉ Technologies
Service de Santé des Armées
SP Defense (Honeywell)


€Promote the products and services of the member companies abroad to develop exports

€Maintain and develop a partnership with the French authorities for CBRNe threats to be considered at the appropriate level and, hence, maintain a level of excellence in operational response

€Promote the development of member companies by providing a nexus for neutral exchanges conducive to industrial and commercial cooperation