At SEC Technologies we are continuously redefining stand-off detection. In 2016 we introduced the Falcon 4G stand-off detector with its new-generation eye-safe lasers. Falcon brought the usability of an active stand-off detection to the civil space and increased sensitivity to new impressive levels.

Since then, it has been a journey full of more positive surprises: detection through rain and 100% humidity; scanning during a flight mounted on board a shuddering helicopter; finding hidden labs that were not discoverable before – and many more.

The mission of SEC Technologies is detection from truly far distances and in any existing conditions – when and where it is required, and not just when the conditions are right.

Making the world believe in stand-off detection is an uphill battle and unique technology is not enough. You must start with the user. To go the extra mile is something we at SEC Technologies genuinely believe in. A company that listens is the way to go.

How do we achieve this? Only when customers have direct access and a mobile phone number for the company CEO (Michal’s cell phone: +421905327966) or a person responsible for the product (Martin’s mobile: +421914706300) can they be sure that their feedback will get through and make a positive impact.

No technology is ever perfect, no user experience flawless – and there is always a better idea out there. One feedback response could contribute towards the next crucial modernisation; another, to a quick upgrade or update for your current detector that makes your life easier. Fast iterations, constant development and feedback that we act upon are key.

Stand-off detectors from SEC Technologies have the best sensitivity for today – and in many conditions Falcon 4G is the only tool you can rely on. But that is not enough. Aiming to be number one, stay number one and to make sure that our detectors bring value to their users requires focus.

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and competition for continuous feedback. 

1 Wet BG
2 Action @150 km/h
3 Protecting GLOBSEC
4 Freezing rain
5 Clandestine lab detection
6 Stand-off in the rain
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