The second qualifying stage of the 2020 “Safe environment” competition among nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) reconnaissance crews has been completed in the Airborne troops within the framework of the Army International Games-2020.

Competitions were conducted in framework of the field training for NBC troops of the formations under leadership of NBC troops commanders at the ranges at the places of permanent deployment.

The second qualifying stage of the competition was attended by about 35 crews — more than 100 military personnel and 35 units of special equipment, including RHM-5M chemical reconnaissance vehicles based on the BTR-MDM “Rakushka” armoured personnel carrier.

The contestants competed in an individual race on a closed 5.5km route and a 11km relay.

These stages were carried out by the crews on regular equipment, and they fulfilled various standards for special training, including searching for sources of ionizing radiation, sampling, determining toxic substances in the air, and performing partial special processing of weapons, military and special equipment.

Also in the course of the competition revealed the strongest in the performance of shooting exercises in respiratory protection wearing PMK-3 gas masks.
According to the results of the second stage, the first winners were determined and selected crews who will present their formations at the selection stage of the competition in the Airborne troops and continue to fight for the title of the best crew of the airborne reconnaissance.