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Argon’s CBRNe and HazMat Training Insights May 2020 Newsletter
In this edition: Training for the threat of nuclear and radioactive material incidents; A guide to the NATO International CBRN Training Curriculum; How hands-on participation enhances radiation safety training; What are the core principles of resilient CBRNe training? and remember to register for our online live product demonstration.

ECA Group has been awarded a significant export contract to modernize robots dedicated to naval mine warfare.
This contract, worth around € 20 million will last over 48 months and will allow to modernize the mine clearance capacities of the customer, a Navy, in order to improve their performance against sea mines. The evolution of the mine threat in maritime areas is a current and growing concern for many countries. READ MORE

Argon’s CBRNe and HazMat Training Insights April 2020 Newsletter
In this edition: A guide to RAFTS; How simulations and simulator training have amplified CBRNe capability; How digital tech is helping the CBRN sector navigate COVID-19; The importance of collaboration in countering CBRNe threats and join our live product demonstration.

IRSN in vitro studies: agitation →  chelation → extractions → results:
Study N ° 1: The first study focuses on a mixture of radionuclides (uranium, cobalt, cesium, strontium) and Cevidra cream. After stirring and several extractions to determine the percentage chelated, IRSN obtained the following results: As a reminder, the isotopes of an element have identical chemical properties but different physical properties (stable or radioactive). Chelation is a chemical reaction. In other words, if chelation works with one isotope, it works with all isotopes of the same element. This study complements the historical literature data on 1,3,5-OCH3-2,4,6-OCH2COOH-p-tertbutylcalix [6]. This enables to collect enough evidence to claim efficacy on: plutonium, uranium, americium, thorium, strontium, cobalt and cesium for market release.  READ CEVIDRA PRESS RELEASE

Hazmat Nation Trials Dejero Smart Blending Technology for First Responders
All First Responders must be able to quickly and reliably collect and process the information they need to make time-critical, life-saving decisions. Public safety organizations are deploying connected command and control vehicles to give field commanders real-time video and data to make time-critical decisions.From enabling mobile commanders and field personnel to send and receive video and data from the field up and down the pipe, to enhancing situational awareness and communication, the Defense Equipment Company (, have the Dejero solution for Hazmat/CBRNe teams, CST, SAR, SWAT etc and can deliver the connectivity in time critical situations.  READ DEJERO PRESS RELEASE

Exensor Technology & the Dutch Defense Material Organisation announce the signature of an 8-year framework agreement for the supply of Unmanned Unattended Ground Sensor (UUGS) systems
On January 28, 2020, Exensor Technology – a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies (CNIM Group) – was successfully awarded a new contract with the Netherlands Ministry of Defence to supply Flexnet, an Unmanned Unattended Ground Sensor (UUGS) system. The first batch of systems will be delivered to the Royal Netherlands Army in Summer 2020.

Argon’s CBRNe and HazMat Training Insights March 2020 Newsletter
In this edition: how is COVID-19 impacting EMS response?; Join our live product demonstrations; Argon-LLNL RaFTS project boosts realistic radiation training; Argon delivers radiological simulator training equipment to the Edwin R Bradley Laboratory and read about the Radsim Radiation Training Simulator.

Exensor and the Belgium Ministry of Defense announce the signature of a framework agreement for the supply of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)
02 Mar 2020. On December 24, 2019, Exensor – a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies (CNIM Group) – was selected by the Belgian Ministry of Defense for the supply & maintenance of rapidly deployable Intrusion Detection Systems for mobile surveillance in permanent or temporary locations. The first batch of systems will be delivered in Spring 2020.
Following a restricted invitation to tender, Exensor secured a framework agreement for the supply & maintenance of Intrusion Detection Systems for their entire life span. The IDS will rest on Flexnet’s Unattended Ground Sensors(UGS) platform – a rapidly deployable & portable surveillance & force protection solution based on wireless & battery-operated sensor technologies. The contract value exceeds several millions, with initial deliveries scheduled for Spring 2020.

Argon releases RadEye GF-10 SIM radiation training simulator
The newest addition to the Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd. stable of radiation training simulators, the RadEye GF-10 SIM, promises to take the authenticity, repeatability and effectiveness of gamma radiation safety training to a new level.
High impact gamma radiation training
The development of the RadEye SIM has been a collaborative effort – combining Argon’s wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of simulation technology with ThermoFisher’s reputation as a world leader in the development of advanced handheld instruments for radiation detection.

Argon’s CBRNe and HazMat Training Insights January 2020 Newsletter
In this edition: how new technology is improving first responder safety; the Radeye GF-10 Simulator; the UDR-13 and UDR-14 series radiation training simulators and which factors matter most when selecting a radiation training system?

Tallinn, Estonia 28.01.2020
New Supervisory Board members complement Milrem Robotics with additional knowhow
In the end of last year new members were appointed to the Supervisory Board of the European technology provider Milrem Robotics complementing the company with knowhow from their respective fields of expertise.
The new experts in the supervisory board are Michael McElhenney, Harry Ollinen and Taavi Kotka.

Argon’s CBRNe and HazMat Training Insights December 2019 Newsletter
In this edition: an introduction to radiation safety training; how hands-on scenarios can enhance radiological survey training; the diverse applications of radioisotopes in modern-day industry and a guide to the early history of radiological survey tools.

Milipol 2019: Ouvry laureate of the Milipol Innovation Award in the category: Protection for first-responders

The Milipol 2019 show awarded the Innovation Award to OUVRY company in the Protection of first-responderscategory for its CBRN extraction bag designed to safely transporting a contaminated victim in life threatening emergency during a chemical crisis. READ OUVRY PRESS RELEASE

Netline launches new Direction-Finding (DF) capability, enhancing its integrated counter-drone solution. November 14, 2019 – Netline Communications Technologies Ltd. – a leading developer and manufacturer of high-end electronic warfare and spectrum dominance systems for defense forces and homeland security agencies – is to launch a new DF component for its DroneNet system – at Milipol Paris 2019 and Defense & Security 2019. DroneNet is a comprehensive detecting, identifying, direction finding, locating and jamming solution, designed to prevent unauthorized drones entering secured airspace, such as over strategic facilities, temporary military bases or public appearances of high-profile officials. READ NETLINE PRESS RELEASE

FLIR Launches the Fido X4 Premium Handheld Explosives Trace Detector New Fido X4 Provides Versatile, Intelligent Sensing on the Frontlines. ARLINGTON, VA, November 5, 2019 ― FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) today announced the launch of the FLIR Fido® X4, the newest, most advanced version of its premium handheld explosives trace detector. TheFido X4 delivers unmatched sensitivity for a broad range of explosives, so users can easily detect threats at levels other devices cannot. READ FLIR PRESS RELEASE

Avon Protection General Service Respirator now in service with UK MOD Avon Protection is pleased to announce that the UK MOD General Service Respirator (‘GSR’) is now in production and work has begun to deliver the first order.Avon Protection was awarded the 5-year contract to resupply and in-service support for the GSR in February 2018. After a year of development, samples of the GSR were provided to DSTL for laboratory testing and User evaluation. These tests were successfully passed and the GSR was accepted into service in September. READ AVON PRESS RELEASE

FLIR Introduces FLIR identiFINDER R425, Next-Generation Handheld Radionuclide Identification Device New Cubic Detector Design Delivers 360-Degree Coverage so Responders Can Locate and Measure Radioactive Sources with Confidence. ARLINGTON, VA, October 22, 2019 ― FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) today announced the launch of the FLIR identiFINDER® R425, the next-generation of its field-trusted R400 handheld radionuclide identification device (RID). READ FLIR PRESS RELEASE

Avon Protection Launch New Tactical Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) at DSEI 2019.
Avon Protection is pleased to announce the launch of its next generation tactical SCBA, the ST54, specifically developed for the tactical operator. The ST54 was designed and built for the global tactical SCBA operator, delivering state of the art scalable respiratory protection in the most austere of environments.  Combined with Avon Protection’s FM54 mask, the system provides an advanced modular breathing apparatus to enable positive pressure SCBA and/or PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) capability across the spectrum of CBRN operations and in the most demanding of tactical scenarios.

On Tuesday, 10th September 2019, at DSEI, the worlds largest defence exhibition, PELA Systems is launching its latest sensor integration platform – PELAmesh.
Designed and manufactured in the UK, PELAmesh offers a remote scene assessment capability like no other.  Delivering improved protection to the operator while increasing their situational awareness. PELAmesh is a sensor agnostic platform, with a wide range of operational applications, from CBRN, EOD/IED through to weather monitoring.

Leading safety partner to the defence industry Survitec, is supporting the restructure of its defence division with the appointment of Richard Mears. The new director for Global Defence & Aerospace Sales joined Survitec on 15 July and will take responsibility for the division’s sales and customer service.

ARLINGTON, Va., July 27, 2019FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) has announced the availability of multiple enhancements to its Griffin™ G510 portable GC-MS chemical detector to help responders analyze and identify drugs, chemical agents, and other toxic substances faster and more effectively during field operations. Major new features on the G510 give users access to an expanded onboard drug library, as well as a new quick-search capability for chemicals and hazardous substances.