Joint counter radio-controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED) electronic warfare (JCREW) is a software-programmable jammer that provides protection from device-triggered IEDs. The units are available in both a wearable, backpack design and a mounted/fixed-site version to protect warfighters on foot, in vehicles, and in permanent structures.

In June 2020, Northrop Grumman delivered all contracted JCREW LRIP dismounted systems to the US Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). The systems are being used by both US Navy and US Air Force personnel, and feedback from the field has been good.

The Northrop Grumman JCREW team had faced challenges that can arise when a new system is developed and produced from the ground up. However, the team has been buoyed by the feedback from theatre, recent deliveries, and successful completion of all qualification testing for both dismounted and mounted systems. The team has been focused on increasing production while verifying readiness to shift to higher production rates.

In June 2020, Northrop Grumman was awarded a JCREW full-rate production contract for $96.5 million. Under this contract, the company will deliver additional dismounted systems, mounted systems and spares to NAVSEA. The company also will provide engineering support services such as technical studies, tech refresh and depot repairs.

As the JCREW team focuses on ramping up production while keeping quality a top priority, the future looks bright for a product that is saving lives on the battlefield. The adaptability of the product has allowed for new, innovative uses, including countering unmanned aircraft systems. Several foreign military forces also are interested in purchasing JCREW systems.

In November 2019 the US State Department approved a possible Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to Australia of JCREW Increment 1 Block 1 Systems and related equipment. The Government of Australia had requested to buy up 850 JCREW I1B1) Systems, 533 vehicle mounted and 317 dismounted, at a total estimated cost is $245 million. The proposed sale will provide Australia increased force protection from Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device threats for its defence forces and vehicles.

In September 2020 Northrop Grumman has received a $33.91mn contract modification from US Naval Sea Systems Command, for continued work on Increment One Block One systems in the JCREW programme.


Caption: Northrop Grumman gets order to build electronic warfare (EW) RF jammers to defend troops from IEDs.