2022 CBRN Events

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NCT is back! After the stop imposed on us by the pandemic, we have a large calendar of events coming up in 2022. We will start in Abu Dhabi, February 7th and 8th. We will then reach almost every continent: NCT is scheduled for Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Croatia, the United States, and South Korea. Visit our website for the latest news regarding dates and locations! 


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Explosive Ordnance Seminar

24-26 May 2022, Budva, Montenegro

Our 2021 show attracted around 80 high level officials who represented 21 nations over the 3-day event. You will have the chance to network with the same high-level participants once again in Budva, Montenegro on the 24th – 26th May 2022. The event is officially supported by the Ministry of Interior in Montenegro who will also be conducting a live demonstration on the final day of the event.

To be part of our Explosive Ordnance Seminar in Budva, Montenegro on the 24th – 26th May 2022 either as a speaker, sponsor or delegate please contact us at events@intelligence-sec.com or +44 (0)1582 346 706.

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NBC 2022 Anniversary Symposium

5-8 June 2022, Lahti, Finland

The 30th Anniversary NBC 2022 symposium welcomes all international and local specialists to share their best practices in CBRNE. COVID-19 lessons learned is the main topic this year. The most comprehensive information package of COVID-19 includes crisis communication, vaccination, HVAC, filtering, decontamination, pandemics and viruses.  Furthermore, topics like chemical disarmament, radiological accidents, and CBRNE preparedness and strategies are covered.

For more information and registration, please visit our event website: https://nbc2022.org
Please also check our program: https://nbc2022.org/programme

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8-9 June 2022, London, UK

Counter Terror Expo (CTX) brings together security professionals from industry, infrastructure, government, and policing. By visiting, you can interact with your peers and see the latest counter-terror solutions in action.

With multiple theatres and demo zones, you can learn from the best minds in CT. CTX 2022 also sees the return of the Counter Terror Congress, a high-level conference drawing delegates from around the world.

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13-17 June 2022, Paris, France

EUROSATORY is the global leading event dedicated to land and airland defence and security. It’s a unique opportunity to meet in a single place all the manufacturers from start-ups to large groups and to expand professional network. It presents the latest trends and technological innovations in the domain via exhibiting area, live demonstrations, Eurosatory LAB and conferences. For more information : www.eurosatory.com.

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CBRNe Summit Asia

28-29 June 2022, Bangkok, Thailand

We are pleased to announce our next edition of our CBRNe Summit Asia conference & exhibition which will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on the 4th – 5th April 2022. The world has been hit hard over the last two years by the COVID pandemic and many Asian nations have been well prepared to deal with this new pandemic we have all been living in.

To be part of our international CBRNe Summit Asia conference & exhibition either as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or delegate please contact us either by telephone +44 (0)1582 346 706 or email events@intelligence-sec.com

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24th Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation (CWD) Conference

September 2022, London, UK

Register now for the 24th Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation (CWD) Conference – the primary international forum for sharing information in this field. Our exciting programme considers emerging risks, technical challenges and the approaching completion of destruction of declared CW stockpiles. The Conference is organised by Dstl, the science inside UK defence and security, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, to promote cooperation and collaboration in achieving a future free from chemical weapons. Contact cwdconference@dstl.gov.uk for information on how you can participate as a delegate, speaker, exhibitor or sponsor.

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CBRNe Protection Symposium

20-22 September 2022, Malmo, Sweden

As an engaged professional within the CBRNe-protection field this symposium is for you! Contribute to the symposium through fruitful meetings, elaborated conversations and sharing of recent research. Visit the exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment, where industry and institutes display their latest products and research in an encouraging environment. The exhibition offers a good opportunity for the symposium participants to make themselves acquainted with commercially available state-of-the-art equipment related to CBRNe-protection.

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CBRNe Summit USA

4-6 October 2022, Denver, Colorado, USA

Our 2nd  annual CBRNe Summit USA will be coming to Denver, CO on the 4th – 6th October 2022. This event brings together leading officials from the military, civil and scientific agencies to provide you will a full perspective on all CBRNe threats and challenges.

To take part in our inaugural CBRNe Summit USA conference and exhibition as either a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or delegate please contact us at events@intelligence-sec.com or call us at +44 7792 47 32 46.