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CBRNe Summit Europe

9-11 April 2019
Birmingham UK

CBRNE R&I Conference

20-23 May 2019
Nantes, France


CBRNe Summit Europe 2019, 9-11 April, Birmingham UK

CBRNe Summit Europe 2019 will bring together key officials from across the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America to discuss the following topics during the conference; UK CBRNe Capabilities – Civil and Military Perspectives, NATO CBRNe Capabilities and International Cooperation, The use of Robotics within a Hotzone, European Military CBRNe Threats and Response Techniques, Medical Countermeasures to Chem-Bio Attacks and First Responder Techniques – Hazmat, Decon and EOD.
The UK emergency services are very well equipped to respond to CBRNe threats and attacks. Holding the Summit in the UK will allow international attendees to see first hand how the emergency services respond to attacks and provide case studies of the work they have done in the past in response to a terrorist attack in one of the UK’s major cities. Read more about CBRNe Summit Europe 2019