During the course of 2021, Environics received a remarkable amount of CBRN Monitoring Systems orders for 21 vessels.
The range of vessels in which Environics CBRN Monitoring Systems will be installed comprises six different types of ships: MCMV (Mine Counter Measure Vessel), MMPV (Multipurpose Modular Patrol Vessels), OPV for Coast Guard, Rescue ship, Support Ship, Pollution control vessel.

For instance, Environics signed a remarkable agreement with Kership, a subsidiary of the shipyards Naval Group and Piriou, for supplying CRN detection systems for 12 Mine Counter Measure vessels ordered by the Belgian and the Royal Netherlands Navy, through the consortium Belgium Naval & Robotics.1

Another notable example is the contract Environics signed with VARD a Fincantieri company, comprising 3 CRN detection systems for OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessels) from the Norwegian Coast Guard (Kystvakten).2

The Benefits of Choosing Environics as Partner for Naval CBRN Protection
Environics Naval CBRN Monitoring Solutions are based on robust, durable and functional design for harsh conditions of military environment, as well as recommendations, rules and regulations made for naval vessels by IACS (International Association of Classification Societies), an umbrella organization for the classification societies consisting of 12 members.

Due to decades of experience, a customer orientated service with solutions, services and support for the whole system lifespan, and a solution for fast and reliable response that enables real-time situational awareness and guidance, Environics has proven to be the ideal partner for Naval & Maritime CBRN protection. With Environics, integrators receive approved turnkey CBRN solutions from one single supplier, which translates into time, money, resources, and effort savings.

“…so far, Environics has done very well. And that’s the usual thing with Environics, I think we have no problem collaborating with you. It has always been easy to work with Environics and whenever you have a question, you always get an answer and help.”
Mrs. Helka Louhenperä, Naval Architect, Lieutenant Senior Grade from the Maritime Systems Division from the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command

So far, Environics has installed over 100 fixed ship CBRN Monitoring Systems, for naval and maritime / rescue forces of several countries, namely Algeria, Finland, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, and Singapore. In addition, Environics has long experience of co-operation with renown shipyards globally, such as Damen Group (Netherlands), St Engineering Marine Ltd. (Singapore), Intermarine (Italy), and HSL – Hindustan Shipyard Limited (India).

1 Environics Delivers CRN Detection Systems to Belgium & Netherlands New MCM Vessels
2 Enhancing CRN Capabilities of the Norwegian Coast Guard