Finnish high-technology company Environics Oy has successfully operated in the field of manufacturing, design and implementation of CBRN solutions for more than three decades. One of its strengths lies in proprietary innovations: in-house CBRN technologies and solutions for chemical, biological and radiation detection, and system software.

As both a manufacturer and an integrator, Environics provides special insights and strong expertise for building up CBRN capabilities in the form of hand-held equipment, as well as mobile and fixed installed CBRN systems. These come to life as numerous applications for the military and for civil defence.

To date, the success stories cover more than 18,000 chemical detectors, 100 naval CBRN system installations, 200 fixed installed CBRN systems, 10 light CBRN reconnaissance vehicles, and 100 armoured CBRN vehicle installations delivered worldwide. Environics seeks solid growth especially in handheld chemical detection and CBRN monitoring of naval and maritime vessels and of light and armoured land vehicles.

Environics’ multi-professional teams design appropriate and proportional CBRN capabilities to match the desired level of detection and protection. The company works in close co-operation with its stakeholders, enhancing dialogue and ensuring a co-creative and holistic design approach.

Brilliant customer and user experience are of utmost importance for Environics when creating true value for customers and business. Environics’ quality products combine all aspects of customer-centred design – featuring usability, viability, feasibility and desirability.

In a world where only fictional heroes accomplish missions alone, Environics’ handheld ChemProX represents a contemporary chemical detector, enabling any team to detect and classify CWAs and TICs efficiently and effortlessly. As a new-generation device, the ChemProX guarantees full situational awareness during field operations. It features a built-in simulation training mode and an embedded chemical database with operational instructions.

Environics’ modular and scalable CBRN monitoring systems enable civil and military operators to achieve the objectives in their variable missions. Providing early warnings for detected CBRN threats and creating a base for informed decisions, they help to initiate protective and other timely countermeasures in the face of a threat.

The modular structure of the systems consists of integrated sensors, data communication units, systems services, databases, and user interfaces. In the heart of system solutions, the EnviScreen Operix 2020 represents the latest launch of system software. As valued elements, it offers real-time situational awareness and specialised CBRN application targeted tools for CBRN monitoring, operator guidance, reporting, integration, operator training, and system maintenance.

Well-maintained equipment and systems combined with operators offering up-to-date knowledge and skills lead to success in CBRN detection and monitoring. Hence, Environics executes strong commitment in every stage of the customer journey – with full lifespan support for its CBRN solutions. 

The ChemProX next-generation handheld chemical detector features wireless connection network with GPS information, built-in simulation mode for training, and a proven and enhanced chemical detection technology.