The UK Integrated Review/Command Paper published on 22 March stated that chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weapon use remains an enduring and growing threat to the UK, deployed forces and international stability. To counter this threat the UK will have capabilities in place to allow it to maintain the UK’s political and military freedom of action despite its the presence, threat or use of CBRN materials. UK Defence must also be prepared to provide counter-CBRN forces to support a UK homeland resilience response to multiple threats and maintain its contingent capability to operate overseas.

The UK should support NATO’s efforts to improve its preparedness to deter and defence against a CBRN incident and to ensure that its forces are best equipped to fight and prevail in a CBRN threat environment, both today and in the future

UK Defence’s world leading CBRN science and technology capability will continue to play a vital part in maintaining its counter-CBRN operational advantage and countering current and emerging CBRN threats.

UK Defence’s contribution to COVID-19.
Form the renowned success of building field hospitals around the country, such as the Nightingale hospitals, to delivering vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supporting ambulance driver, NHS hospital staff and care homes, the UK Integrated Review/Command Paper stated that UK Defence has been supporting on the frontline and the complex planning effort behind it. It deployed military assessment teams to each of the NHS regions and to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland assessing the situation on the ground and formulating and coordinating effective responses.  This has included support with vaccine deployment, community testing, haulier testing in Kent, support to NHS and ambulance services, and airlifting patients from the Scottish Islands, on top of crisis planning support.

Working in partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office , the UK supported our overseas territories’s Covid-19 response, delivering support to Gibraltar, the Falklands, and the Caribbean and supported the Department for Transport by testing hauliers crossing the English Channel. UK Defence’s Covid-19 response has demonstrated the ability of its armed forces to adapt to new crises, surging and tailoring contributions to best assist the national pandemic response. Answering nearly 400 requests for Military Aid to the Civil Authorities, supporting fourteen other government departments, UK Defence’s contribution to Covid-19 response has been a truly whole of force and the whole of UK response.