CBNW Xplosive Company Profiles


Alford Technologies is a UK based, global market leader specialising in developing highly innovative, user-filled explosive tools for Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Conventional Munitions Disposal, Improvised Explosive Device Disposal, Counter-IED, Explosive Breaching and Demolitions. Due to their exceptional performance and ease of use, in 2004 & 2009 Alford Technologies was awarded the Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category, the highest award of its sort in the UK. Visit Alford Technologies Website

eWorldwide Group

eWorldwide Group focuses on providing state of the art resilience and security services and solutions, and our unique makeup of world class partner companies, institutions and universities distinguishes us from any security company operating globally today as we address “Security” holistically. Visit eWorldwide Group Website

The Institute of Explosives Engineers

The Institute of Explosives Engineers are a Membership Organisation that promotes the Highest Standards in the Explosives Industry. We are the organisation that establishes and oversees National Occupational Standards for the Explosives Industry and to provide a forum that enables and promotes consultation between individuals, professional private organisations, government departments and armed forces experts within the explosives industry. Visit Institute of Explosives Engineers Website


NOVO DR is the leading developer and manufacturer of Portable Digital Radiography(DR)X-ray Inspection Systems. We produce flat-panel based radiography inspection systems for the Security, NDT and Science and Art sectors.With many decades of experience NOVO Providesthe best of its kind,rugged, compact portable DRsystems while emphasizing the following strong points: highest image quality, portability, efficient user experience, field work optimization. Visit NOVO DR Website

Teledyne ICM

At Teledyne ICM, we have more than 20 years of expertise that has been fully dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of highly innovative portable X-Ray solutions. Visit Teledyne ICM Website

Vapor Wake (VWK9)

VWK9 is a commercial canine company with exclusive access to the patented Vapor Wake®Canine technology developed by Auburn University’s Canine Science Program. Vapor Wake®canines are specifically bred Labradors that go through over 18 months of training for explosive trace detection in mass pedestrian transit situations. VWK9 has over 160 Vapor Wake® K9s deployed worldwide, protecting airports, national rail, arenas, stadiums, concerts, casinos, and special events. Visit Vapor Wake Website


VCsecurity is a division of VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH, a leading manufacturer of digital X-Ray systems with over 15 years’ experience in supplying portable X-Ray systems for security applications. Based on hundreds of supplied systems globally the systems provide a versatile and easy to use software, durable hardware for operation at any kind of weather conditions and full robot integration. Visit VCsecurity Website