With more than 20 years’ industry experience, Market Manager at Tracerco, Adam Golightly, explains that the key to protecting personnel, assets and the wider community is to ensure that the radiation monitoring technology selected is easy to deploy, and simple to both operate and manage by end users.

As radiation will always pose a major threat to human lives, choosing the most effective and robust radiation monitors is of the upmost importance. Personal Electronic Dosimeters (PEDs) – designed to monitor exposure of radiation and provide alarm warnings if present – play a prevalent role in critical sectors such as emergency services, military, nuclear, oil and gas, as well as medical and life sciences.

Tracerco is recognised as one of the world’s leading industrial technology companies specialising in a wide range of radiation monitoring equipment. One of the company’s flagship product ranges – Personal Electronic Dosimeters – has been adopted by many clients across the globe operating in a wide range of critical industries.

With the capability to detect dose rate ranges of up to 1Sv/h, the handheld device, commonly worn on the chest pocket, a belt or lanyard, has an energy range of up to 3 MeV. An intrinsically safe version for use in hazardous areas is also available.

Tracerco is in a unique position as they are both a manufacturer and end user of their radiation monitoring equipment, so the design team receives firsthand feedback from engineers operating in the field. The technology has also been adapted based on extensive research with end users, such as first responders in emergency services, to ensure all needs are met to offer optimum operational functionality. 

Designed with the end user in mind
The Tracerco™ PEDs have been designed to be the easiest – to both use and understand – personal radiation monitors available on the market. Everything on the device has been designed with the user in mind.

“To the best of our knowledge, our equipment has the largest Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the market which means that handlers can easily see information that appears on the screen of the device. Their co-workers in the field can also easily read alerts while in action.”

When in use, if a radiation threat is detected the intuitive device will sound an alarm and a textual message will appear on the large screen, prompting users of exactly how they should respond according to the level of risk present.

“Workers may only use these devices infrequently. As such, it is important that they are as easy as possible to use – particularly when they are designed for use in situations presenting grave danger. And our device offers exactly that, requiring very little technical input.”

Robust design with intuitive software
Designed to last, the PEDs have strong weather-, shock- and drop-proof housings and hold a serial non-volatile ten-year data retention. The Tracerco™ PEDs have over ten language options and are configurable with the company’s specially developed DoseVision™ software.

Easily configured, the devices are linked to the software which enables set-up, data visualisation and for messages to be tailored in accordance with the industry, country standards and individual company procedures. Easy to manage, the software provides access to seamless and accurate dose records, which can be used for comprehensive incident reporting and further investigations.

Proven track record
Launching the PEDs in 2011, the company’s technology has been widely adopted by major and high-profile emergency service providers across the globe and has been deployed across other critical industries. The equipment can be found in 50+ countries including the US, Italy, France, the Middle East, Australia and South Korea.

Tracerco has developed a reputation for their ability to be agile and adapt to their clients’ requirements. Clients have reported that they find added value in working with a team that listens to their needs and, as such, Tracerco adapts their technology to suit, something which other players do not provide.

Next generation of radiation equipment
Innovation underpins everything Tracerco does. The business is fully committed to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and delivering world-class products and services. Tracerco’s research and development team is continually adding value to its range of radiation monitoring equipment – taking into consideration technological and software advances, as well as market requirements to allow companies to operate more safely.

Full commitment
This commitment to bringing the latest technology to market is demonstrated following the company collaborating with UK-based training simulator designer, Argon Electronics, to introduce the PED+ SIM – a highly realistic training simulator – allowing training scenarios to be implemented in complete safety without the burden of using radiological sources.

Tracerco are absolutely dedicated to continue being in the forefront of innovation and bring to market solutions that are simple and easy to use, while offering invaluable real-time data. They pride themselves on understanding the real needs and challenges faced by their users in order to enhance their technology, with the greatest engineering minds collaborating to develop best-in-class solutions that are continually being advanced.