The Italian-based company CRISTANINI provides chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) decontamination solutions for military equipment, personnel, infrastructure and terrain, serving a worldwide client base.

CBNW: How is R&D organised in CRISTANINI?
First of all, innovation is at the very heart of CRISTANINI’s mission since the creation of our company in 1972. This year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and we can honestly say that innovation has been and still is the guiding theme of these five decades.

We truly believe, as Steve Jobs once said, that “innovation is what distinguishes a leader from a follower.” Both R&D and applied engineering are our core activities, which involve both internal teams and external partners in a kind of “extended enterprise” network. They collect feedback and requests from End Users from around the world to provide solutions to existing problems that are still unsolved.

Our in-depth experience in the field of high-pressure water leads CRISTANINI to always propose and develop innovative and high-tech solutions. Our R&D activity is also supported by independent and international laboratories which test and certify the effectiveness and advantages of the systems.

To provide a real and complete solution for the end user in the theatre of operations, CRISTANINI believes in the importance of an evidence-based approach that confirms the compliance of the new solutions with the current and existing standards and doctrine.

CBNW: How did the company react to the Covid-19 pandemic and were any new products brought to the market?
During the pandemic, CRISTANINI gave immediate and tangible response to requests received from many countries whom already knew, and who used our solutions. They were therefore aware of the effectiveness and the usability of our CBRN decontamination systems and products to be used against bio threats.

Italy in the beginning was one of the most affected countries by Covid-19. Despite this serious situation, CRISTANINI was shown to be ready, providing effective and rapid solutions certified by Independent international laboratories, able to eliminate or reduce the negative effects of CBRN threats.

In this regard, CRISTANINI’s well-known ability to anticipate global needs and inclination to strive for the future were proved in 2014. In that year, the prestigious Virology Laboratory at the San Raffaele University in Italy carried out tests on BX24, which confirmed the effectiveness of the product against coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV.

Considering how much the Covid-19 pandemic has affected and involved the civil authorities and the general population, CRISTANINI capitalised its unparalleled experience in the CBRN military sector by developing and supplying a biological decontamination system for non-specialist users. An easy and effective system for bio decontamination of ambulances, hospitals, clinics, schools, means of transport and places with high turnout, VAPOR VACUUM M8 has small dimensions, is easy to use and its results are certified by the prestigious Virology laboratory of the San Raffaele University.

CBNW: Has the Russian invasion of Ukraine changed the focus of the company?
The situation in Ukraine is teaching the whole world that it is a duty to be prepared and always consider the worst-case scenario in the most complex context. CRISTANINI has been doing this since its foundation. The focus of the company is and will remain CBRN, with an unmatched all-round approach. We always consider the combination and sum of complex emergencies that includes the presence of multiple threats or different agents. Threats are constantly evolving and are getting closer to the daily lives of the public at large. People have begun to realise the existence of CBRN threats.

Therefore, CRISTANINI’s approach has not substantially changed. The company continues to develop and test innovative solutions, always pointing to the future. Most notably, our CBRN decontamination and detoxification product BX24 has been tested in the past against highly toxic nerve agents: VX, Russian VX (VR) and Chinese VX (CVX).

CBNW: Can you detail the types of decontamination products or equipment CRISTANINI currently provides the military?
The range of products and equipment that CRISTANINI provides to the military is quite wide, from CBRN decontamination systems to CBRN decontamination tents; from CBRN detection vehicles to strategic evacuation vehicles with decontamination and fire fighting equipment.

Standard production is varied and in addition, CRISTANINI always evaluates and develops new and customised solutions in order to completely eliminate or reduce the consequences of a CBRN event. The most important key points for CRISTANINI solutions are the UNIVERSAL Decontamination Product BX24. This presents a unique approach and application in CBRN emergencies. A ‘soldier-proof’ characteristic of our systems is that some delivered in the past 20 years are still in use today!

CBNW: Which national militaries are using CRISTANINI products, and where and how they are deployed?
CRISTANINI solutions are in use in more than 62 countries. In general terms they are mainly homologated and used by NATO countries, as they are tested, certified and compliant with NATO standards. In recent years CRISTANINI won important tenders and projects, customising systems for our army, navy, and air force but also for civil protection and fire brigades.

CBNW: Do you provide your products as commercial-off-the-shelf, or by government-to-government (G2G) contract?
CRISTANINI provides both commercial-off-the-shelf products and customised and G2G systems. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of end users in the theatre of operations, where the system must provide a fast and effective response. In some cases, standard systems are preferred as they already have SLI (System Level Integration) programmes, homologations and certificates. In other cases customisation and new solutions are essential. These are the projects where our experience and knowledge give a unique and incomparable value.

CBNW: What are the advantages of your systems over your competitors?
CRISTANINI systems are designed and developed to be used in the worst-case scenario, giving a real and complete solution. This is the reason why all our systems are multipurpose, ready to use and soldier-proof. In addition, logistical and maintenance aspects are essential, so our systems have a very low logistical burden or need for specialist technicians.

The uppermost advantage of our CBRN decontamination products is universal effectiveness: one product against chemical, biological, RN and TIC threats – thereby saving time during an intervention and keeping the approach simple even in the worst scenario.

CBNW: What training do you offer to customers?
CRISTANINI offers several levels of use and maintenance trainings, from basic to high-level – thanks to its worldwide experience and presence. Training courses are held at our headquarters in Italy and in the country of the end user.

CBNW: What new products and systems are you planning to bring to the market?
We are always producing new systems and projects. This is our passion. Therefore, you will just have to stay tuned!

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