Bruker presents gold-standard CBRNE equipment and solutions

At Bruker, CBRNE technology is a core competence and we were the first company to provide a complete range of detection equipment. We specialise in developing, engineering and manufacturing highest quality, easy-to-use analytical and integrated system solutions.

Our comprehensive range of products is designed for a wide range of applications and can be used as stand-alone, fully integrated with land, air or sea platforms, and in critical infrastructure. Bruker equipment is in service with military, emergency, civil defence and security services worldwide.

Trusted and reliable
We provide full-spectrum CBRNE solutions and consist of a product line that totally satisfies the needs of the market. Over 35 years of industrial and scientific experience, innovation and constant close and enduring co-operation with customers across the globe enable us to produce trusted and class-leading equipment with unrivalled sensitivity that has real application for the user.

Robust and uninterrupted performance
Our products are built with the customer in mind, utilising clear, unambiguous interfaces and user-friendly controls and software. Maintenance is kept to the lowest possible level and consumables are made with long lasting efficiency. We understand that uninterrupted, accurate and robust performance is a necessity for our customers: lives depend on it.

Customer service & after-sales support
The production of high-quality equipment requires equally high standards of customer service and after-sales support. We ensure that all aspects of our service, whether supplying consumables, training or technical support, is given equal priority. Efficiency, readiness and flexibility are requirements of our processes and staff alike. The Bruker motto “innovation with integrity” applies to all aspects of our business. 

Land, air or sea – the RAPIDplus seeks out chemical threats.