NP Aerospace Sets UK Challenge to Run Fastest Mile in a Bomb Suit
Media photo call: 06:00, 12 June, John O’Groats, Scotland

Si Hannaford will be attempting to run the fastest mile in a bomb suit as he sets off on his 756 mile run from John O’Groats to Bicester as part of a 26 day triathlon.

NP Aerospace has challenged WO2 Si Hannaford, Bomb Disposal Operator for the British Army, to run the fastest mile in its new Bomb Suit during his Tri26 triathlon charity challenge.

Si Hannaford will be running, cycling and swimming 1777 miles in 26 days to raise £100,000 for charities, the Felix Fund and the Hummingbird Centre, starting in Portsmouth on 1st June and ending in Bicester on 26th June.

On 12th June he will run the first of 756 miles in a 4030 ELITE Bomb Disposal Suit – weighing 35.8kg – in an attempt to beat the fastest mile in a bomb disposal suit record of 7-minutes 24-seconds which was set by a British Army Solider in 2017.

Si, who has served in the British Army for 10 years and has done tours of Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and Northern Ireland, was keen to take on the challenge to support the charities for which he has a strong connection. The Felix Fund provide welfare and financial support to military and police personnel working in bomb disposal and search. The Hummingbird Centre is a cancer support center based in Launton, near his home town of Bicester.

Simon Hannaford, the hero of the day, commented: “My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, so this cause is extremely important to me. I feel that I can suffer 26 days to help people who may be suffering their whole lives. It’s great to have the support of NP Aerospace. I have worn their bomb suits on operation for many years so I am keen to put the new suit to the test. It will be a gruelling challenge but worth every hour of training.”

James Kempston, CEO of NP Aerospace, said: “Si Hannaford’s courage and tenacity are undoubtedly essential to the success of a challenge like this and we are committed to supporting him every step of the way. Running the fastest mile in a bomb suit is extremely tough in normal circumstances let alone during a 26 day triathlon! As supporters of Felix Fund and other charity causes we are keen to lend our support. It will be great to see how 4030 ELITE suit stands up to the fastest mile challenge.”

Si is urging people to sign-up and follow his YouTube channel– he needs 1000 followers so he can broadcast it live from his mobile phone.

The Tri26 challenge is to swim 21miles – the length of the English channel – then cycle 1000 miles from Land’s End to John O’Groats and finally run 756 miles from John O’Groats back to Bicester. The first mile of the run will be wearing the NP Aerospace 4030 ELITE Bomb Suit.

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