The 9th Annual EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium will take place on October 26-27, 2022 at the Mary M. Gates Learning Center in Alexandria, VA. See why the EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium is the must-attend event to connect, collaborate and share ideas with experts working towards C-IED and demining initiatives.

Returning for the 9th iteration, this year’s Symposium offers the opportunity to discuss and ask questions to Military and Government leaders on current whole-of-government initiatives toward advancing domestic and international counter-IED missions.

Attendees will gain insight into the future challenges and technology solutions that are vital to successful EOD and demining initiatives. The 2022 Symposium will also feature a panel of experts to provide their take on planning and providing EOD support to mid -intensity or large-scale combat operations against a near peer adversary.

2022 Speaking Sessions Include:

  • Developing Adaptive Ordnance Professionals to Effectively Sustain Army Readiness & Win in Multi-Domain Operations – BG Michael B. Lalor, Chief of Ordnance, Commandant, US Army Ordnance School
  • Directing the Overall Planning & Programming for Expeditionary Warfare Systems & Related Manpower, Training & Readiness – Ben Marcus Annibale, USMC, Director, Expeditionary Warfare, OPNAV N95
  • Leading USAF EOD Initiatives Toward Preparing for New Era of Explosive Ordnance Disposal – Brig Gen Brian S. Hartless, USAF, Deputy Director, Resource Integration, Incoming Air Force Director of Civil Engineers, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection, USAF
  • Ensuring Acquisition Excellence by Delivering Dominating Close Combat Capabilities to the Warfighter to Win in MDO – COL Russell Hoff, USA, Project Manager, Close Combat Systems, Joint Program Executive Office Armaments & Ammunition
  • Guiding 71st Ordnance Group Efforts to Ensure an Effective Response to all CBRNE and WMD Threats – COL Michael Schoonover, USA, Commander, 71st Ordnance Group
  • Conducting NAVSEA’s R&D Efforts Toward Finding Ordnance, Energetics, & EOD Solutions for the Warfighter – CAPT Eric C. Correll, USN, Commanding Officer, Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division
  • and many more!

The EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium offers many ways to get involved with the EOD community – including tabletop exhibits, speaking engagements, round-table discussions, networking luncheons and cocktail receptions. This is a key opportunity to showcase your organisation’s capabilities to high-level decision makers who are working to identify and neutralise explosive threats against vital critical infrastructure in the Homeland. Contact us for information on how you can get involved.

This Symposium brings together senior-level technicians, specialists and professionals involved in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Vehicle Mounted C-IED Systems, Person-Borne Improvised Explosive Device (PBIED) and Home-Made Explosive (HME) detection, Counter Improvised Explosive Device Functions, Demining activities, and R&D.

Past iterations of the EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium welcomed attendees from Tetra Tech, CISR/JMU, Relyant Global, ITA International, Sierra Nevada Corporation, 908 Devices, Caliburn International, Clandestine Materials Detection, Commonwealth Technology, Eagle Security Group, Inc., Gradient Technology, MRIGlobal, NP Aerospace, Mithix Pro, ADS HQDA G-3/5/7 G-38 Adaptive C-IED/EOD Solutions Division, Bren-Tronics, HDIAC, American Ordnance, Pendar Technologies, WM Industries, USASOC, AMP Research Inc, Hanley Industries, CEIA USA, Viasat, Skydio, Booz Allen Hamilton, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Detectachem, QinetiQ, US Army Ordnance School, FBI-TEDAC & JPO C-IED, DDESB, OPNAV N95, CISA-DHS-OBP, NECC, NSWC, DOS, Indian Head EOD Technology Division, ATF, CTTSO, JPEOAA, 71st Ordnance Group, 52nd Ordnance Group, NATO C-IED CoE, UNMAS, and more.

The EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium is organised by the Defense Strategies Institute. The Defense Strategies Institute’s Symposium directly supports DoD, DHS, Law Enforcement and public-sector priorities by providing a conduit for officials to efficiently reach audiences outside of their respective offices that directly impact their department’s mission success, at no charge to the government, and in an efficient expenditure of time.

This Symposium is open and complimentary to all DoD and Federal Government employees and is considered to be an educational and training forum.

More information on the event can be found on the event’s website: